Our Story

The soul of Tanya’s Massage Therapy and Spa was born in the heart of central Pennsylvania long before the founder was old enough to go to massage therapy school. As a very young child Tatyana got to experience the power of therapeutic touch through massage therapy. The experience left a profound impression on her. She wanted to be able to feel and know where and why people have pain and what to do to help.

Fast forward to 2007, she attends a workshop that an in-state massage therapy school was offering. At the workshop she gets to give a facial massage under the careful supervision of an instructor. She experienced the beauty of essential oils by making her own massage blend. Finishing the workshop by receiving a massage confirmed her desire to learn the massage therapy trade and be able to help others heal through therapeutic massage.

After graduation Tatyana’s quest for corrective modalities led her on a journey that continues to this day. Many hours of education, fueled by the desire to help clients regain health and vibrancy, has brought her to where she is today.

Her practice is known near and far as the place where each massage session is tailored to individual client’s specific needs, where massage therapy is effective and precise and where each client is taken care of as if they were the only client. In the recent years she has welcomed a few other massage therapists into her practice who share her passion for the powerful healing aspects of therapeutic massage.

Hearing the need of mothers for support and help during childbirth prompted Tatyana to study and become a massage birth doula in 2015.

In 2017 two licensed estheticians joined her practice. Now clients have the option of non-toxic, regenerative and natural skin care. The skin care that is offered at the clinic is more than skin deep. Both estheticians are highly trained and very skilled at techniques that help regenerate and restore tissue health and youthfulness.

Tatyana’s strong conviction that mind and body are tightly integrated and affect one another has prompted a new addition to the practice. In April of 2023, Tanya’s Massage Therapy and Spa was joined by a certified Hypnotherapist!

Offering therapies ranging from skin, to muscles, to mind, to being born and having those therapies delivered by therapists that are passionate about their trade puts Tanya’s Massage Therapy and Spa into a “must experience” list for people near and far. Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with clients not only from all over the United States but other countries as well.
The motto that Tanya’s Massage Therapy & Spa follows is;
“How you treat your body today, is how it will serve you tomorrow.”